I don’t need a Kindle, I’ve  got computerized medical records to read. They’re some of the most interesting “books” I’ve ever read. They are a series of notes by individuals who practice different medical arts: medical social workers, nurses, PT/OT, doctors, surgeons, respiratory therapists, nutrition. We are all writing in the chart analyzing, assessing, planning, discussing, documenting, discharging  a persons medical life.

 There are different screens in the patients electronic medical record. There is one that simply lists in a descending row a short description/diagnosis of what the medical problem was that brought the person to the hospital. To me they are poems that tell a story and leave a trail. Below are the words I found in one patient’s electronic medical record.

med refill

blood in urine

defibrillator malfunction

sob (short of breath, not son of a bitch)

chest pains

rectal bleeding



left side numbness

rectal bleeding

testicular swelling

chest discomfort


scrotal swelling


med refill

swollen testicles