There is a chapel at County and a woman who is a minister-of-sorts. She comes into the ER waiting room in a short, white lab coat to announce prayer services and would anyone like to attend? Most times none of the patients go. This woman is so mean, so holier-than-thou, brash and bullying. She exudes a By god I’m going make you suffer, save you from Satan, and then put you in your goddamn place you homeless, drug-addicted, insane, sinning, shivering piece of shit attitude. It’s no wonder no one goes to the chapel and listens to her spit fire. She is a silver-haired, stern, sadistic Hell’s Angel.

No doubt the tone and timbre of her voice triggers PTSD in some  patients.

One evening she came into the waiting room, made the announcement and started making a mini, motivational speech. A patient who was mentally ill happened to be snapping gum really loudly while hell’s angel was preaching. The gum kept snapping. The minister got angry and started yelling at the patient to stop snapping gum. The gum kept snapping. Then the minister yelled at the police officer who is stationed in the waiting room to make the patient stop snapping her gum and start respecting her. No one disrespects Hell’s Angel!

A different minister came into the waiting room the next day. He politely asked the police officer if he could announce that a chapel service was about to begin. The officer said yes, but just an announcement.  Mr. Minister went into the waiting area and started to preach among the rows of sinners, er, patients. Hell fired and brimstone they had to get their sick and sinning souls to Stroger’s chapel to get some salvation! Then Mr. Policeman intervened and told preacher-man to get out of the ER. Preacher-man protested. Mr. Policeman got right up in his face and called him a hypocrite, a liar and cussed at him. I was loving it! Raging Mr. Policeman threw down on preacher-man bad and they walked down the hallway away from the ER arguing in loud tones. The last thing I heard preacher-man say was, “Have a blessed day.”